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Programming Support: 32-bit Infineon XMC4000

Programming Support: 32-bit XMC4000 Industrial Microcontrollers ARM® Cortex™-M4

Infineon programmer

Infineon XMC4000 combines leading-edge peripheral set with an industry-standard ARM® Cortex™-M4 core for improved performance. XMC4500 series are now supported on Xeltek 144-pin programmers:

XMC4500-F100F1024 [CX3021]

XMC4500-F100F768 [CX3021]

XMC4500-F100K1024 [CX3021]

XMC4500-F100K768 [CX3021]

XMC4500-F144F1024 [CX3035]

XMC4500-F144F768 [CX3035]

XMC4500-F144K1024 [CX3035]

XMC4500-F144K768 [CX3035]

XMC4502-F100F768 [CX3021]

XMC4502-F100K768 [CX3021]

XMC4504-F100F512 [CX3021]

XMC4504-F100K512 [CX3021]

XMC4504-F144F512 [CX3035]

XMC4504-F144K512 [CX3035]

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