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Atmel CryptoMemory Programming Support on SuperPro Programmers

Atmel CryptoMemory programmer

CryptoMemory is Atmel's secure serial EEPROM solution with the same pinout as the AT24Cxxx Series. Xeltek SuperPro 6100 supports Atmel CryproMemory chips and production programming can be achieved using this programmer in stand-alone mode.

Xeltek recently completed the support of Crypto companion chip, AT88SC018CM, which will be used to store secret data in the host in user's application. Below are chip part numbers currently supported on SuperPro 6100 and SuperPro 6104GP Gang programmers:

AT88SC0104@SOIC8 [DX1016-2]
AT88SC0204@SOIC8 [DX1016-2]
AT88SC0404@SOIC8 [DX1016-2]
AT88SC0808@SOIC8 [DX1016-2]
AT88SC0808C@SOIC8 (FULL) [DX1016-2]
AT88SC018CM [DX1045]

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