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Gang Flash Programming Support for GainSpan GS200 Wifi Modules

GainSpan is changing the Wi-Fi industry with technology that lets users add Wi-Fi connectivity to nearly any product. High speed 4 Gang programming of these modules are supported by Xeltek SuperPro 7100. SuperPro 7100 is an advanced gang programmer that can program four chips in parallel at high programming speed. Powerful software features allow users to erase, blank check, program, verify and read MAC address from Gainspan wifi modules.

Xeltek have designed Clamshell socket adapters for easy insertion of Gainspan 49-pin GS2011M, 37-pin GS2011MxxS, and 40-pin GS2100M low power WiFi modules:

Gainspan Module Number of pins Socket Adapter Xeltek Programmer
GS2011MIE 49 FX9998-T001 Superpro 7100
GS2011MIPS 37 FX9997-T001 Superpro 7100
GS2100MIP 40 FX9999-T001 Superpro 7100

SuperPro 7100 can operate in both PC and stand-alone mode (no PC required). Stand-alone cluster setup allow users to program 8 chips at a time.

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