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Programming Microsemi (Actel) FPGA Chips

Microsemi programmer

SuperPro IS01 programmer has an inbuilt STAPL player which can be used to program Microsemi (Actel) FPGA chips. The STAPL Player is used to program ProASICPLUS as well as third generation flash based FPGA devices such as IGLOO, ProASIC3, ProASIC3L, and Fusion Mixed signal FPGAs.

STAPL player interprets the contents of a STAPLE file (.STP extension), which is generated by Microsemi Libero IDE and Designer software tools.Select “XPlayer" on the “Device" menu bar in the SuperPro IS01 software to open the XPlayer dialog box.

Users can load the .STP file with device related information, so there is no need to manually select the device part number for programming. Once the .STP file is loaded, connect the color coded ISP cable to the target board (follow on screen instructions). The final step will be to execute programming.

Actel (Microsemi) devices supported by SuperPro IS01 programmer is listed below:

More information regarding STAPL player could be found in Application Note by Actel.

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