In-System Programmers

Xeltek in-circuit serial programming tools provide a convenient method for configuring microcontrollers and various serial devices. Users can eliminate the need for the physical removal of chips from a system and simply program microcontrollers, flash memories, PLDs, and FPGAs via ISP cable. Devices are programmed in the target system or target hardware, making field applications more convenient than ever.
Typically, a jumper/DIP switch enables in-system programming and a set of serial programming connector (such as an IDC connector) connects the target board to an ISP programmer.

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$1,095.00 $995.00

Ultra-fast In-System (ISP) Programmer

  • Field proven industrial usage for volume in-system programming (ISP)
  • Ability to program concurrently (reduces programming time)
  • Fastest in-system programmer in the industry with a built-in ARM9 32Bit RISC MCU processor
  • Programs devices with VCC as low as 1.2V



Ultra-fast In-System (ISP) Gang Programmer

  • Program up to 16 serial devices simultaneously
  • Up to 4 parallel ISP chips can be programmed simultaneously (eMMC, NAND and NOR FLASH)
  • Multiple programmers can be set up for project expansion
  • Custom adapter available for off-line production setup
  • USB 2.0, LAN and SD ports available
  • Operation modes: USB online, network online and offline
  • Adjustable programming speed and industrial grade reliability
  • DLL/API/Command-Line Commands available with authorization agreement from both parties (Initial solution for integrating ISP sub-systems of ICT, FCT, ATE and testing fixture)


ISP Production Workstation
  • Work with up to five sixteen-channel ISP programmers (SuperPro IS416)
  • Support up to 80 PCBs programming in parallel
  • Support ISP programming with multiple chips in one unit
  • Interface include USB 2.0 and LAN
  • Live-action operation interface and user-friendly
  • Customized function-testing software available
  • Support almost all chips with serial protocol: MCU, serial FLASH & EERROM and parallel eMMC & NAND/NOR FLASH
  • Improved programmer software and hardware ensure high-speed, high yield rate and industrial quality reliability
  • Complete solution customization, including mechanical parts such as fixture and needle bed and software such as engineering configuration document, resource setting table, super engineering group and live-action interface