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Freescale Kinetis E series MCU Support on Xeltek SuperPro 7000 Programmer

Kinetis KE02 sub-family is the entry point to the Kinetis E series portfolio and is now added to the ultra-high speed SuperPro 7500 programmer device library. This sub-family comes with specific flash memory sizes (16KB/32KB/64KB) and packages such as LQFP 32, 44, 64 pins. All packages are supported using LQFP socket adapters.

SuperPro 7500 can be used to program and verify entire flash region and 256 bytes of EEPROM locations (0x10000-0x100FF in buffer) in 6.5 and 0.5 seconds, respectively. UserIFR (0x10100 to 0x10140) is a one-time programmable (OTP) area.

UserIFR, EEPROM protection bytes and Flash protection bytes can also be programmed using SuperPro 7500 for securing chip data.

MKE02Z16VLC4@LQFP32 [EX3001]

MKE02Z16VLD2@LQFP44 [EX3005],

MKE02Z16VLD4@LQFP44 [EX3005]

MKE02Z32VLC2@LQFP32 [EX3001],

MKE02Z32VLC4@LQFP32 [EX3001]

MKE02Z32VLD2@LQFP44 [EX3005],

MKE02Z32VLD4@LQFP44 [EX3005],

MKE02Z32VLH2@LQFP64 [EX3011],

MKE02Z32VLH4@LQFP64 [EX3011]

MKE02Z32VQH2@QFP64 [EX3014],

MKE02Z32VQH4@QFP64 [EX3014]

MKE02Z64VLC2@LQFP32 [EX3001],

MKE02Z64VLC4@LQFP32 [EX3001]

MKE02Z64VLD2@LQFP44 [EX3005],

MKE02Z64VLD4@LQFP44 [EX3005]

MKE02Z64VLH2@LQFP64 [EX3011],

MKE02Z64VLH4@LQFP64 [EX3011]

MKE02Z64VQH2@QFP64 [EX3014],

MKE02Z64VQH4@QFP64 [EX3014],

MKE02Z16VLC2@LQFP32 [EX3001]

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