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Programming Altera CPLD and FPGA devices using SuperPro IS01

The XPlayer (Jam player) is an inbuilt software tool which comes with SuperPro IS01 programmer software. It allows programming many Altera CPLD and FPGA chips via the JTAG port. XPlayer interprets the information in .jam file to program and test programmable logic devices (PLD) in a JTAG chain. JAM files can be generated using Altera design tools such as ISE and Quartus II. As long as a JAM file is provided, the corresponding device can be programmed using SupePro IS01.

X Player on the Device " menu bar to bring up the dialogue box below.

Device related information is already included with the .JAM file, so there is no need to select a device for programming. The Device Information box will provide instructions on how to connect the ISP cable to the target PCB.

Below is a list of devices supported by the XPlayer:

  • Altera Stratix II FPGA device: EP2S60F1020I4N (Quartus 2 tool can create .jam for Stratix II FPGA)
  • MAX II CPLD series: EPM240/G/Z, EPM570/G/Z, EPM1270/G, EPM2210/G
  • MAX9000 CPLD series: EPM9320, EPM9320A, EPM9400, EPM9480, EPM9560, EPM9560A
  • MAX3000A CPLD series: EPM3032A, EPM3064A, EPM3128A, EPM3256A, EPM3512A

Jam file is generated by the Altera design software, and it includes programming algorithm of target devices. Please note that this algorithm cannot be optimized by Xeltek and customer should contact Altera for any issues with .JAM files.

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