Universal Programmers

Xeltek offers a variety of universal programmers that are suited for various programming applications, ranging from project development to mid-size volume production programming.

Xeltek engineers work around the clock to maintain the largest device library in the industry, so new devices are being added on a daily basis for NAND flash, Microcrontrollers, eMMC, E/EPROM and more. The majority of SuperPro universal programmers come equipped with a ZIF socket supporting up to 144 pins for programming a wide range of DIP devices; other chip packages supported include WLCSP, BGA, WSON, SOIC, TQFP, PLCC and more

Xeltek universal programmers are truly universal with sophisticated adapter designs, which aim to support the highest number of chips sharing common package types.

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$2,395.00 $1,995.00
Advanced Universal LAN Programmer
  • Algorithms engineered to program up to 4 chips simultaneously
  • Supports most device memories on the market
  • Programs eMMC devices up to 64 GB
  • Supports most package types including WLCSP
  • Operates in PC hosted, stand-alone, and LAN modes
  • Customized device algorithm development available

$1,795.00 $995.00
Ultra-Fast Universal Programmer
  • Built-in 144 pin driver
  • 103,000+ devices supported from nearly 400 IC manufacturers
  • Operates in PC hosted and stand-alone modes
  • Supports devices including EEPROM, MCU, and others
  • USB interfaced ultra-fast 144 pin stand-alone universal programmer
  • Great for reworks, master chip duplication, and chip testing

$495.00 $347.00
High Speed Universal Device Programmer
  • Universal 48-pin driver supports today's most complex devices
  • Programs eMMC devices up to 64 GB
  • IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms
  • Entry level programmer perfect for developers and hobbyists, alike
  • Compatible with Windows ™ 7/8/10, 32 and 64 bit