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Fremont Micro Devices (FMD) Serial EEPROM support on Xeltek SuperPro Programmers

Xeltek is one of the largest programmer seller worldwide and have been providing programming solutions since 1984. It covers programming demands from engineering to automated manufacturing with top-of-the-line programmers. Xeltek constantly release faster programmers to meet today's performance expectation with true stand-alone programming technology.

FMD serial EEPROM chips are supported via I2C Interface, SPI Interface and 3-Wire Interface on more than eight products lines from Xeltek. Whole FMD Serial EEPROM product range from memory size 2k to 512k bit are supported on following programmers:

1) Universal Programmers for In-socket Programming (Pre-programming):

2) In System Programmers (In circuit Programming)

3) Gang Programming Solution (Production Programming)

Apart from 100,300+ programmable chips supported from different IC manufacturers, following is the list of supported FMD EEPROMs on Xeltek Programmers:

FT24C02 [DX0001]

FT24C02@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C02@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C02A [DX0001]

FT24C02A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C02A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C04 [DX0001]

FT24C04@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C04@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C04A [DX0001]

FT24C04A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C04A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C08 [DX0001]

FT24C08@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C08@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C08A [DX0001]

FT24C08A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C08A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C128 [DX0001]

T24C128@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C128@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C128A [DX0001]

FT24C128A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C128A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C16 [DX0001]

FT24C16@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C16@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C16A [DX0001]

FT24C16A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C16A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C256 [DX0001]

FT24C256@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C256@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C256A [DX0001]

FT24C256A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C256A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C32 [DX0001]

FT24C32@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C32@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C32A [DX0001]

FT24C32A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C32A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C512A [DX0001]

FT24C512A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C512A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C64 [DX0001]

FT24C64@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C64@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT24C64A [DX0001]

FT24C64A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT24C64A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT25C016 [DX0001]

FT25C016@SOIC8 [DX1045]

FT25C016@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT25C016A [DX0001]

FT25C016A@SOIC8 [DX1045]

FT25C016A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT25C064 [DX0001]

FT25C064@SOIC8 [DX1045]

FT25C064@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT25C064A [DX0001]

FT25C064A@SOIC8 [DX1045]

FT25C064A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT34C02 [DX0001]

FT34C02@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT34C02@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT34C02A [DX0001]

FT34C02A@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT34C02A@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C46(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C46(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C46(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C46(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C46(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C46(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C46A(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C46A(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C46A(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C46A(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C46A(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C46A(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C56(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C56(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C56(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C56(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C56(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C56(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C56A(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C56A(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C56A(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C56A(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C56A(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C56A(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C66(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C66(08bit)@SOIC8 [DX1045]

T93C66(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C66(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C66(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C66(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C66A(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C66A(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C66A(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C66A(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C66A(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C66A(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C86(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C86(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C86(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C86(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C86(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C86(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C86A(08bit) [DX0001]

FT93C86A(08bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C86A(08bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

FT93C86A(16bit) [DX0001]

FT93C86A(16bit)@SOP8 [DX1045]

FT93C86A(16bit)@TSSOP8 [DX1059]

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