Upgrade your old SuperPro and receive up to 85% of the programmer value back!

Trade-in Benefits

Xeltek trade-in program helps customers recover value on older programmers. Customers with old SuperPro programmers can trade-in their programmers to newer models with latest technology and larger device library.

Beginning from December 2016, the trade in program is now eligible for non-Xeltek programmers.

Current SuperPro Models

3 Easy Trade-in Steps

Trade In Reqest Form RMA Portal

SuperPro 5004GP SuperPro 5004EGP SuperPro 6000 SuperPro 6000E SuperPro 601S SuperPro 600P SuperPro 6004GP SuperPro 6004EGP
$1500 $1350 $540 $450 $255 $195 $1500 $1350

SuperPro 280U SuperPro 580U SuperPro 3000U SuperPro 9000 SuperPro 5000 SuperPro 5000E SuperPro M SuperPro 501S SuperPro 500P
$165 $195 $360 $1100 $540 $450 $150 $255 $195

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