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Atmel AVR Programmers

Atmel AVR Programmer

Unlike other microcontrollers who use OTPROM, EPROM or EEPROM, Atmel AVR is one of the first microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for data storage.These AVRs are generally classified into four main categories: tinyAVR, megaAVR, XMEGA and application specific AVR. Almost all AVR microcontrollers have internal EEPROM for semi-permanent data storage. Most of these chips have 2 buffers for programming which can be programmed using our various programmer models.

Xeltek supports nearly all Atmel AVR devices through parallel and in-system programming; most of the chips are supported via serial interfaces such as JTAG. ISP headers could be used with parallel programmers to perform in-system programming on selected chips, but it is recommended to use an actual in-system programmer such as SuperPro IS01. SuperPro IS01 is portable and has the largest serial device library in the programming industry.

Xeltek Atmel AVR Programmers

Xeltek AVR® in-system programmers are SuperPro IS01, SuperPro IS03 (recommended for ISP Gang programming) and SuperPro XPS01 (recommended for PCB panel programming). Xeltek also provide in-system production programming solutions for tiny AVR and mega AVR devices through the ISP Interface.

List of Supported Atmel AVR Devices

32-bit AVR UC3 UC3AT32UC3A0128, AT32UC3A0256, AT32UC3A0512, AT32UC3A1128, AT32UC3A1256, AT32UC3A1512, AT32UC3A3128, AT32UC3A3128S, AT32UC3A3256, AT32UC3A3256S, AT32UC3A364, AT32UC3A364S, AT32UC3B0128, AT32UC3B0256, AT32UC3B0512, AT32UC3B064, AT32UC3B1128, AT32UC3B1256, AT32UC3B164, AT32UC3L016, AT32UC3L032, AT32UC3L064
Automotive AVR AT90CAN128 , AT90CAN32 , AT90CAN64 , ATmega164P, ATmega168 , ATmega169P , ATmega324P , ATmega32C1 , ATmega32M1 , ATmega48 , ATmega644P, ATmega64C1 , ATmega64M1 , ATmega88 , ATtiny167 , ATtiny24, ATtiny25 , ATtiny261, ATtiny44 , ATtiny45 , ATtiny461, ATtiny84 , ATtiny85 , ATtiny861 , ATtiny87
Battery Management AVR ATmega16HVA, ATmega16HVB, ATmega32HVB, ATmega406, ATmega8HVA
megaAVR AT90PWM1, AT90PWM216, AT90PWM2B, , AT90PWM316, AT90PWM3B, AT90USB128, AT90USB1287, AT90USB162, AT90USB646, AT90USB647, AT90USB82, ATmega1280, ATmega1281, ATmega1284, ATmega1284P, ATmega128A, ATmega162, ATmega164A, ATmega164PA, ATmega168A, ATmega168PA, ATmega169PA, ATmega16A, ATmega16M1l, ATmega16U2, ATmega16U4, ATmega2560, ATmega2561, ATmega324PA, ATmega325, ATmega3250, ATmega3250P, ATmega325P, ATmega328, ATmega328P, ATmega329, ATmega3290, ATmega3290P, ATmega329P, ATmega32A, ATmega32M1, ATmega32U, ATmega32U4, ATmega48A, ATmega48PA, ATmega640, ATmega644A, ATmega644PA, ATmega645, ATmega6450, ATmega649, ATmega6490, ATmega64A, ATmega64M1, ATmega8, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega88A, ATmega88PA, ATmega8A, ATmega8U2
tinyAVR ATtiny10, ATtiny13A, ATtiny167, ATtiny20, ATtiny2313A, ATtiny24AATtiny25, ATtiny261A, ATtiny28L, ATtiny4, ATtiny40, ATtiny43U, ATtiny44AATtiny45, ATtiny461A, ATtiny48, ATtiny5, ATtiny84, ATtiny85, ATtiny861A, ATtiny87, ATtiny88, ATtiny9
XMEGA ATxmega128A1, ATxmega128A3, ATxmega128A4, ATxmega128D3, ATxmega128D4, ATxmega16A4, ATxmega16D4, ATxmega192A1, ATxmega192A3, ATxmega192D3, ATxmega256A1, ATxmega256A3, ATxmega256A3B, ATxmega256D3, ATxmega32A4, ATxmega32D4, ATxmega64A1, ATxmega64A3, ATxmega64A4, ATxmega64D3, ATxmega64D4

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Atmel AVR Programmers

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