SuperBOT Automated Universal IC Programmer Family

SuperBOT Automated Universal IC Programmer Family

SuperBOT-2, 4, 5, 5e and 5x models program 16, 32 and 4 devices simultaneously producing up to 2,500 devices / hour throughput. There are more than 103,000 IC devices supported, which is the largest in the industry. Xeltek is headquartered in the Silicon Valley USA and Nanjing, China. Each has more than 30 years industry experience. Xeltek SuperBOT family of Automated Programmers are distinguished by the following facts.

The Most Affordable and High Value Systems in the Industry

High volume and extensive production experience enables the products to be the most competitive in quality, price, and value in the industry.

The Most Durable and Reliable Systems in the Industry

China is the hub of the world Electronics manufacturing. Xeltek products are widely installed at most major Electronic manufacturing plants with multiple installations at many locations. Most companies run production 24 hours per day and 7 days per week programming millions and millions of devices/ year. Xeltek products have been refined to run non-stop, and withstand harsh, and battle-ground like environment.

Xeltek Technical Support is 2nd to None

When a stoppage occurs, most manufacturers demand immediate support and maintenance 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Xeltek Support teams in the Silicon Valley, USA and Nanjing, China are accustomed to taking support calls on weekends and evenings. Most initial problems are operator related and these are resolved quickly. When a replacement part is needed, shipment is made the following day. Email, Video call, or Remote operation using TeamViewer resolves issues quickly.

System Training and Installation

Xeltek offers free training at the factory in China. However, in order for the operator to become sufficiently familiar with the installation, operation, calibration, and maintenance, it is necessary for him to be in constant touch with the Xeltek support team. It may require up to a month for the operator to acquire the necessary skill. Xeltek provides the 1 st year hand-holding support for free. Xeltek offers On-site training and installation for fee, if requested.

Powerful and Secure System Operation

Mature and intuitive software makes learning easy and error-free. CCD camera assisted calibration allows for accurate device positioning. Remote file download via LAN allows for better data security and eliminates operator mistakes.


There are more known manufacturers such as Data I/O and BPM System. But, check their prices! Do you need such a high-priced system? And, at what benefit? Based on your annual production volume, what will be their per device cost? Do they take support calls during off-hours/ days? Do they hand-hold your operator free of charge for a year? Among the more equally rated competitors, Xeltek offers 25 years of accumulated experience and attendant quality, more value, battle ground tested reliability, and non-stop support.


Automatic Tape In/Out System: Connects to a SuperBot 2, 4, 5 for fully automatic operation. 8-32 mm tape widths are accepted. Output reel is sealed with heated tape.

Price: $17,500
15 Automatic Tray System: Connects to an SuperBot 2, 4, 5 for fully automatic operation. Stacks up to 15 Jedec trays for input and output.

Price: $15,000
Laser Marker: Connects to an Automatic Tray System for high speed marking on tray-full of chips. Up to 4 characters are printable at each scan.

Price: $25,000

What Xeltek clients say


Chirag Kapoor has been incredibly helpful with any questions that we have had in regards to our programming equipment. We have used Xeltek for the majority of our programming needs and the responsiveness of your technical services will continue to make Xeltek our first choice for programming - Will Eygnor at Zaxis

Here is another example of a tech-support correspondence with a customer from UK.

From the Customer:
“The rotation of the nozzle stopped working: When I start the program, the nozzle “shakes" backward and forward and the initialization freeze there. If I manually touch it and rotate it by a few degrees, it stops and the initialization finishes…."

Reply from the Xeltek Support:
“This phenomenon may be due to the lack of torque caused by the motor, please check and confirm that the signal on the motor line plug is loose, cut off the total power supply and then fixed wire plug. …

Reply from the satisfied customer:
“Hi, Thanks for your help it was indeed the connector on the motor which went loose. After pushing it in firmly it just worked."

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SuperBOT-5 Automated Programmer

Tape IN / OUT

Laser Marker

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