Automated Tray Handler- XTR-01-A


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Apart from the standard fixed TRAY, the SuperBOT automated programmer has optional accessories, including AUTOTRAY, Tape In, Tape Out, Tube In and Tube Out devices for different requirements.


Fixed Tray: It is the standard I/O device of the machine. Operator will replace the programmed tray from the SuperBot machine manually after the full tray is programmed. Customer does not need to buy any other accessory while using this option.

Auto Tray: This device is an extension of the fixed tray, it includes tray-in and tray-out. Users can put 15 trays into the device. When the machine is running, users can add trays or take out trays without stopping the machine. It can also be installed outside of the whole machine. Trays can be automatically changed without the need to open the upper cover , which saves tray changeover space and avoid human error during tray changeover. 

Specs:  Size (mm): 1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H). Weight (KG): 80

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Socket Adapters are warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for 30 days from the date of purchase. Damaged socket adapters such as bent or broken pins are not replaceable if caused by user.