Laser Marker- XLM-04


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Fiber Laser Marking Machine








   Max. laser power




   Laser wavelength




   Beam quality


   Pulse width

90 ~ 120us



   Single pulse energy

1mJ / 20KHZ



   Min. line width


   Min. character height




   Repeat accuracy




   Marking speed




   Marking range

100mm*100mm (Standard) Optional for others




Air cooling



   Power supply




   Power consumption






1. Durable for Long Production Hours:  The fiber laser marking machine suitable for continuous operation during production.

2. Wide application: Ability to mark both metal and nonmetallic materials, such as plastic,  rubber, resin, acrylic, paper, fabric, and leather.

3. High marking precision: The minimum marking line width is 0.01mm, suitable for modern compact IC devices.

4. Energy savings reduce production cost: The entire machine only consumes 500 Watt Per Hour.

5. High marking speed: Marking speed as fast as 10,000 mm/sec.

6. Minimal maintenance: The XLM-04 fiber laser system is simply maintenance-free. Only some wearing parts, such as the lens, require replacement.

7. Compact: The system has smaller dimensions because it utilizes a  modern air-cooling method instead of the traditional air conditioner.

8. Powerful computer system and software: Powerful and user-friendly hardware and software interface.



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