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Serial Number Programming on Automated Programmer SuperBot Series

Auto-generation of electronic serial numbers is available on automated programmers such as the SuperBOT models (2, 4, 5). This feature is implemented by setting Auto Increment in Operation Option. Auto Increment allows users to add unique serial number into the device. After each successful programming, the software automatically changes the value by the specified increment mode. Serialization is supported for programming four chips at a time. Following are the detailed steps which shows how to program serial numbers on an automated programmer.

1. Select device, load file, then set the fixed data (YY YY YY YY), for example 12 34 56 78 (0x44 to 0x47):

2. Open “Operation Option" and set serial number as 0x40 to 0x43. Set the initial value as “00 00 00 00".

3. Save Project

4. Run the SuperBOT software (“spng7k.exe"), and load the project. Only two programmers have been connected in this example.

5. Start “Auto" separately.

6. When programming is finished, the serial number increases by 1. There are 8 modules, and the last is “00 00 00 07", so the next serial number is “00 00 00 08".

7. Program again.

8. If the software is restarted and the same project is loaded, the serial number is restored.

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