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Medical Electronic Device Programming

Helping the Best Companies to Grow

The demand for medical equipment and devices continues to grow worldwide, and thus requirement of a reliable device programmers for programming biomedical equipment is increasing day by day. Xeltek is proud to help many medical device manufacturers for their production programming requirements using Superpro6100 and Superpro 7500 programmers.

Field of medical electronics is very demanding with very high and mandatory reliability requirements. Our semiconductor manufacturer approved algorithms, precision and clean signals guarantee reliable and high programming yield. Xeltek programmers have been refined to run non-stop, withstand harsh and battle-ground like environment for critical applications in medical field. Project files may be password protected to increase security and reliability when operated by untrained operators.

Apart from pre-programming, one of the main requirements in medical electronics field is ability to program the devices in circuit. Requirements of maintenance and repair of medical devices, such as defibrillators, glucometers, imaging devices, and patient monitors can be easily fulfilled with our highly portable in system programmers such as Superpro IS01. In system programming capability allows easy field upgrades of chip data in almost all medical devices.


Xeltek is the number one choice for most Medical device programming applications. One of the main reasons for our success is high reliability programmers, our same day service, same day support commitment with support of 400+ socket adapters; sockets for complex BGA packages available. Some of our important customers using Xeltek Programmers for Medical device programming applications are:

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