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Automotive safety technology is highly dependent on programmable electronic devices. Xeltek can provide easy and reliable IC programming solutions of automotive electronic devices in a cost-effective manner, while also offering excellent technical support.

The development of automotive electronics stems from the necessity of controlling engine functions. Today, with the advance of technology, vehicles can have up to 100 electronic control units (ECU). Consequently, the list of programmable electronic devices such as flash memory chips, EEPROM and microcontrollers has been growing increasingly. At the same time, production managers are under pressure to meet the ever-increasing quality standards while maximizing profits. These necessitate the need for a large device library on IC programmers.

With the largest device library in the industry, Xeltek offers best value IC programmers for both manual and automated programming. Currently, Xeltek supports more than 100.400 devices on SuperPro 6100 and SuperPro 6104GP universal programmers. Our SuperPro IS01 in-system programmer supports more than 10.000 devices.


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