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Digital Forensics


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  Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device for criminal identification and investigation. Xeltek is proud to help many computer forensic specialists, data recovery engineers, and Government law enforcement agencies in data recovery and forensic applications.


  Digital evidence that are stored in non-volatile memory of cell phones can be extracted by using forensic tools. These forensic tools use two approaches to extract data each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. User is recommended to choose the method which best suits his/her requirement.


  1. Logical approach: Many Forensic software toolkits have command tools, but complete device support cannot be guaranteed. These tools (device drivers + data cables) can connect with mobile devices and communicate with handset OS to obtain necessary data when used with correct data cable and device driver. This method is non-invasive, so IC pins will not get damaged. This method is also fast, but note that it is impossible to recover deleted data and data from damaged handsets. 


  2. Physical Approach: Xeltek expertise is in the physical extraction method. This technique is much more complex, but beneficial when it is impossible to recover data using the logical method above. Physical approach is a bit-by-bit copy of the entire physical memory. In this method, the chip is desoldered from the PCB and a socket adapter and programmer is used to get data dump. For BGA chips, reballing is needed after desoldering otherwise the socket cannot make contact with IC pins. With a device library of over 96,000+ chips, Xeltek has support for all major iPhones, Android ,BlackBerry, and Nokia Nand chips such as S72NS128RD0BHL0, PF38F3060M0Y1EE, K5G2829AT, etc. For a complete list of supported devices, please refer here



  The main advantage of using Xeltek programmers for Forensic and data recovery application is the number of different Xeltek socket adapters available for allmost all common packages. Xeltek has 500+ socket adapters to support complex packages. If your package is not supported, then a new socket adapter can be designed. Sockets and connectors used to make Xeltek SuperPro adapters are sourced from world renowned manufacturers such as Yamaichi, Enplas, TI, Wells and Okins. 


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Recommended Programmers

SuperPro 6100

Universal IC Chip Device Programmer

SuperPro 6100 is the most recommended programmer for Forensic / Data recovery application as it supports 96,000+ chips and can read / program high-density NAND/eMMC chips up to 256 GB.  If your chip is not listed in the SuperPro 6100 library, it can be supported on user’s request.

SuperPro 7500

Advanced Universal Programmer

is a high speed stand-alone gang programmer that can be used to program up to 4 chips at a time.  Optional socket adapters are also available to accommodate PLCC, TSOP, SOIC, SOP, QFP, TSSOP and BGA package types.This programmer is very suitable for Forensic/data recovery applications due to wide variety of high density eMMC and Nand chip support at ultra high programming/reading speeds.

SuperPro IS01

In-System Programmer

Xeltek in-system programming tools provide a convenient method for configuring microcontrollers and various serial devices. Stand-alone in-circuit programmers, such as SuperPro IS01, currently support wide variety of serial chips (over 9,400 devices) including Microchip PIC microcontrollers, Atmel AVR (ATtiny, Atmega), ST ARM based STM8 &STM32 series microcontrollers, TI MSP430 and serial EEPROMs/flash devices from different manufacturers. Xeltek work closely with all major serial IC manufacturers to support devices using different interface protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC and RS232.

Computer/mobile chip-off forensic tools for data extraction from mobile device chips



Xeltek is the number one choice for most Computer Forensic Specialists, data recovery engineers / specialists, and Government law enforcement agencies. One of the main reasons for our success is our same day service, same day support commitment with support of 400+ socket adapters; sockets for complex BGA packages available. Some of our important customers using Xeltek Programmers for Forensic applications/Data recovery are:

Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto Canada

Forensics Department of the Australian Federal Police



CPR tools

PAYAM Data Recovery, Australia


Teel Technologies, Canada



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