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Programming Houses and Programming Centers

Electronic manufacturers continue to improve and streamline manufacturing processes by sending programmable chips to programming houses. Therefore, programming houses are committed to shorter lead times and lower programming fees. It's crucial they use reliable programmers that support various IC devices from a programmer manufacturer that provides continuous live support for wide range of device programming.

Xeltek has been in business for more than 25 years and has more than 30 engineers dedicated to providing the best solutions to programming houses. With faster programming speed, higher yield, scalable stand-alone technology, quality sockets with longer life cycle, Xeltek is proud to support a number of programming houses in domestic and international regions. 144-pin driver programmers such as SuperPro 6100 , SuperPro 6104GP and fully automated SuperBOT systems support over 100,300+ chips to help programming houses meet manufacturing demands.

Why Xeltek is number one choice for Programming houses?

    • Largest number of devices supported: 100,000 chips and counting.
    • Advanced stand-alone technology for efficient production environment.
    • Experts in automated programming with customers in both USA and international regions
    • Powerful software with Serial Number Generation and Log File Saving features.
    • Project function simplifies device selection, file loading, device configuration setting, program option, and batch file settings processes.
    • Data Security is insured, as the plug-in Compact Flash card may be removed and stored away at end of each day.
    • User requested device update and customized algorithms for specific user requirement
    • Same day response and same day shipping for more than fifteen products line.
    • 144-pin driver programmers support complex packages using Universal socket adapters

Some programming and testing houses that currently use Xeltek programmers are

For more information, please contact techsupport@xeltek.com.