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Case Study: ​High-Performance Production In-System Programmer for Automotive Applications

Introduction and User requirement

Frauscher Sensor Technology, a global pioneer in train detection required a panel programming solution for 8 PCBs of Microchip MCU: PIC24HJ256GP610A . This automotive company wanted to control multiple SuperPro IS01 programmer using LabView interface. User also wanted to write unique data on each PCB board.


Superpro IS01 is a professional multi-function serial programmer with compact size, fast programming speed and good reliability. Customer purchased multiple units of Superpro IS01 programmers. Xeltek provided in-system programming support for PIC24HJ256GP610A and helped in developing a system of eight Superpro IS01 programmers which are connected to a Host PC via an USB 2.0 Hub. The system is used as a gang programmer. On the PC, customer runs a LabView program which uses our DLL files to control the programmer. This way, customer successfully integrated and controlled 8 SuperPro IS01 using their own software. In such arrangement, each SuperPro IS01 can program the board independent of other SuperPro IS01 programmer, thus customer is able to program different serial numbers/unique data on each board.

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Since automotive industry demands a very high level of reliability, automotive applications need in-system programming more than any other programming methods. In case of in-system programming, the chip is programmed after soldering on PCB and field upgrades are easily possible. In any requirement of unique data programming on multiple PCBs at the same time, Xeltek highly recommends clustering multiple SuperPro IS01 programmers.

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