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Qorivva MPC5668G MCU Support

Photo credit to ir.freescale.com

Xeltek is one of the first programmer manufacturer to support production programming of Freescale Qorivva 32 bit MCU. The 32-bit Qorivva MPC5668G MCU connects all the possible automotive communication protocols you can find in a car. Below are devices that are supported on ultra-fast stand-alone SuperPro 7500 programmer.

MPC560xB: Qorivva 32-bit MCU for Body Electronics Applications: MPC5605B@LQFP100 [EX3043]

MPC5668G: Qorivva Dual-Core 32-bit MCU for Gateway Applications : MPC5668G@BGA208 [EX5255]

Other Quorivva MPC56xx devices will be supported soon. For more information, please contact techsupport@xeltek.com.

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