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NXP Remote Keyless EntryTransponder Chip Family Supported

NXP remote keyless entry transponder family, PCF7961, supported on Xeltek programmers.

Transponder-based car immobilization systems have reduced auto theft by more than 90% since they were first introduced to the market. Transponder (Transponder= transmitter + responder) chip functionality can be summarized by the following steps:

    1. When the car key is turned in the ignition, the engine control unit (ECU) on the car sends (transmits) an electronic message to the key
    2. The key sends (responds) an expected code to disarm the immobiliser.

NXP continues to reduce system cost for keyless entry and immobilization systems with the highly integrated PCF7961 family. Combining a security transponder, RISC controller and UHF transmitter, this chip family delivers a true single-chip solution for remote keyless entry. PCF7961 comes in different EPROM sizes and has a fixed 512 byte EEPROM locations; both EPROM and EEPROM locations can be programmed and protected using Xeltek SuperPro programmers.

Xeltek provide both in-socket (out of circuit) and In system (In-circuit) programming solutions for repair as well as mass production of transponder chip programming. For in-circuit programming, simply connect the header cable to Gnd, VDD, MSDA, and MSCL chip signals.

PCF7931 [DX1026]

PCF7931ATS [DX1026]

CF7931ATSM1AB [DX1026]

PCF7931ATSM2AB [DX1026]

PCF7931ATT [DX1001]

PCF7931ATTM1AB [DX1001]

PCF7931ATTM2AB [DX1001]

PCF7931M1AB [DX1026]

PCF7931M2AB [DX1026]

PCF7941 [DX1026]

PCF7941ATS [DX1026]

PCF7941ATSM1AB [DX1026]

PCF7941ATSM2AB [DX1026]

PCF7941ATT [DX1001]

CF7941ATTM1AB [DX1001]

PCF7941ATTM2AB [DX1001]

PCF7941M1AB [DX1026]

PCF7941M2AB [DX1026]

PCF7945 [DX1001]

PCF7952AC1500 [DX1001]

PCF7952ATT [DX1001]

PCF7953AC1500@TSSOP28 [DX1001]

PCF7961ATTM1AB [DX1001]

PCF7961ATTM1AC [DX1001]

PCF7961ATTM1AE [DX1001]

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