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Benefits of Operating Programmers with the LAN Port

Most volume programming applications need programmers to be operated remotely and can be achieved by using the LAN port on SuperPro 7500SuperPro IS03 and SuperBOT programmers. Programmers can be connected to a local network and be remotely controlled by any computer on the network via a LAN (100M) port. In this case, the PC which controls the programmer acts as a server and the programmer acts as a client.

SuperPro IS03 SuperPro 7500


  • Multi –User support: Programmer can be controlled by one or more users at the same time. In LAN mode, user can share the programmer just like a shared printer.Below are important benefits of using the LAN port for IC programming in production environments:
  • Remote controlling and real time information: User can achieve remote operation, control, and management. Technical department can remote control programming operations and processes, including downloading project file, command execution, project settings, and obtain real time information to achieve production goals.
  • Reduced operator errors: Benefits of remote control increases production efficiency by improving production quality and avoiding unskilled personnel to cause errors in setting up programmers.
  • Increased security: Remote network management provides the most protection for intellectual property. Project data and files are never shared with operators because files are remotely loaded by authorized engineers.


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