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New Feature: TTL/CMOS Logic IC Tester

SuperPro 6100 series programmers can now function as a tester for TTL/CMOS logic ICs! In addition to the traditional TTL / CMOS (74/4000 series), the user can generate custom test vectors in order to test device logic function correctly.

TTL & CMOS Test Details:

The Logic Test feature will test TTL and CMOS devices on SuperPro6100, SuperPro611S and SuperPro610P.

    1. Click the 'Logic Test' icon on the main software home screen to open the 'Select Chip to Test' dialogue box.
    2. Highlight the device that needs to be tested and click OK

*The 'Auto Find' button could be used to locate the part number of unknown devices.
The TTL test window will display "Passed" when the device is tested successfully.
When the device fails, information about the failure will be displayed.

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