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SuperPro 7500: How to use Xeltek S4 Gang Socket Adapter

Step 1: Select the correct Device and check Device Info to see if your socket adapter is compatible. If the socket adapter is incorrect you will receive a "Unmatched Adapter Error" Gang socket adapters end with S4


Step 2: Next you will need to set your Configurations. Select your Operation settings and enable all 4 modules. We recommend selecting Blank_Check to ensure the Device is erased. Any programmed chips will fail Blank_Check and we recommend setting up Erase and Blank_Check including Users configuration.


If you would like to program on all four modules, please make sure each module is enabled.

If you would like to only program on 1 or 2 modules, just disable the module you do not wish to program on.

If you only program on 2 modules without disabling the other two modules you will receive a programming error.

Step 3: Once all configurations are set, you are ready to start programming. Insert the Device on each enabled module and hit Auto. If you would like to set Production mode without always having to press Auto, select Production Mode Icon.

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