​Unique or small device package type? No worries Xeltek has you covered.

by Xeltek Inc

When it comes to in socket or automated programming Xeltek can handle most package types.
Since Xeltek has supported over 102K+ devices we have seen them all and offer a large varieties of socket adapters!

Today, we are proudly happy to say even the smallest chips we can offer you a solution for in socket or automated programming. Chip dimension as small as 2x2mm, 0.4mm thin or unique packages such as the WLCSP, SOT or FLAT Package.

Socket adapter not available, let Xeltek create a custom adapter for your application.

We work with most major socket manufacturers - Socket Manufacturer Partners

Contact us today for any questions – Sales@Xeltek.com (408) 530-8080 Monday – Friday 7am-4pm PST

Case Study: Xeltek SuperBOT-3 programmer with Aitek!

by Xeltek Inc

New news from Xeltek!

Check out our new case study with SuperBOT and Aitek!


Xeltek SuperBOT-3 programming with Haier.

by Xeltek Inc

Check whats going on with Xeltek & Haier!


3 New Powerful Features Added In SuperBOT 2 & 3



3 New Powerful Features are added for our SuperBOT 2 & 3!

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Xeltek SUPERPRO 7500 now supports Ambiq Micro devices!



We are happy to announce programming solution for Ambiq Micro ARM® Cortex®-M4F Apollo1 & Apollo2 family Microcontrollers. The Apollo family of microcontrollers from Ambiq Micro represents quantum leap forward in the low power MCU world and Xeltek is now authorized third party programmer tool provider for these devices.


Here are the recent supported devices.






Compatible programmer:

Manual Production Programming ------- Superpro 7500

Fully Automated programming ------- SuperBOT2/3/4


For further details, please contact sales@xeltek.com

Infineon Tricore AURIX ™ TC2XXX series MCU support on Superpro Programmers!


Xeltek support off-line programming of Infineon Tricore AURIX ™ TC2XXX series MCUs.

The family of MCUs is used in a wide range of automotive applications such as engine control, electric / hybrid vehicles, transmission control units, chassis, brake systems, electric power steering, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems. Infineon AURIX The 32-bit microcontroller family incorporates a hardware security module (HSM), ideal for automotive applications requiring safety-critical features. Typical automotive applications include trim protection, anti-theft lock systems, and safety boards Communication and so on.

Below are our recommended programming Solutions:


Manual Production Programming ------- Superpro 7500

Fully Automated programming ------- SuperBOT2/3/4



Following devices are supported:

SAK-TC212@QFP80 [GX3131 GX3132],    

SAK-TC222@QFP80 [GX3131 GX3132],   

SAK-TC234L-32F200@LQFP144 [GX3034 GX3041],


For further details, please contact sales@xeltek.com

Infineon XMC1400 support on SuperPro Programmers!



Infineon XMC1400  support on Superpro Programmers

Infineon XMC1400 series are widely used in motor control of electric tools, interconnected LED lighting power supply, electric bicycle motor control, fan motor control. 
Xeltek programmers provide full support for these chips. Below are our recommended Solutions: 
Manual Production Programming ------- Superpro 7500 
ISP Production ------- Superpro IS03 
Fully Automated programming ------- SuperBOT2/3/4


Following devices are supported:


XMC1401-F064F0064(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1401-F064F0128(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1401-Q048F0064(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1401-Q048F0128(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-F064X0064(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1402-F064X0128(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1402-F064X0200(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1402-Q040X0032(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1402-Q040X0064(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1402-Q040X0128(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1402-Q040X0200(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1402-Q048X0032(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-Q048X0064(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-Q048X0128(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                            

XMC1402-Q048X0200(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-Q064X0064(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-Q064X0128(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-Q064X0200(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1402-T038X0032(AA)@TSSOP38 [GX1012],                                

XMC1402-T038X0064(AA)@TSSOP38 [GX1012],                                

XMC1402-T038X0128(AA)@TSSOP38 [GX1012],                                

XMC1402-T038X0200(AA)@TSSOP38 [GX1012],                                

XMC1403-Q040X0064(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1403-Q040X0128(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1403-Q040X0200(AA)@QFN40 [GX4104 GX4039],                           

XMC1403-Q048X0064(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1403-Q048X0128(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1403-Q048X0200(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1403-Q064X0064(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1403-Q064X0128(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1403-Q064X0200(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-F064X0064(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1404-F064X0128(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1404-F064X0200(AA)@LQFP64 [GX3011 GX3121 GX3129 GX3140],            

XMC1404-Q048X0064(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-Q048X0128(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-Q048X0200(AA)@QFN48 [GX4021 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-Q064X0064(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-Q064X0128(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068],                           

XMC1404-Q064X0200(AA)@QFN64 [GX4023 GX4068], 


For further details, please contact sales@xeltek.com