Xeltek now offering LabVIEW for SUPERPRO 7500.

Xeltek now offering LabVIEW for SUPERPRO 7500.

by Xeltek Inc

Xeltek has been offering LabVIEW licenses for all our in-system programmer, now offered on our parallel programmer SUPERPRO 7500.

Previously, users had to purchase DLL functions and create a set of custom VIs for integration, which takes time and resulting in expensive engineering time. With our LabVIEW driver package everything is ready and little coding and customization required. Contact us today for pricing.


  1. SUPEPRO 7500 Ultra-High-Speed Programmer
  2. 103K+ devices supported
  3. Single or 4 Socket adapters available
  4. Supports high density chips such as NAND & eMMC
  5. Customized algorithms available
  6. Standalone Mode compatibility


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