New generation of automated universal IC programmers

by Xeltek Inc
SuperBOT series designed and Developed by Xeltek's dedicated Engineering Team.

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Looking for programmer for your chips?

Xeltek offers diverse type of programmers for different usage just right for you.

From low volume to high volume, supporting more than 102K devices, SuperPro models are ready to program!

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Trump Tax Surcharge - 5%

by Xeltek Inc

For the past year and half, Xeltek has endured 25% duty rate increase and hoped that it will go away soon. As of today, it has not happened and our loss is mounting.

We need to share some of our losses with our customers.

We hope this temporary surcharge will not last long.

This only applies to our products, SuperPRO & Adapters; technical support, customized adapter & algorithm developments are excluded.

A Surcharge of 5% will be applied to all orders starting on Oct 1, 2019.

-Xeltek Inc.

Xeltek now offering LabVIEW for SUPERPRO 7500.

by Xeltek Inc

Xeltek has been offering LabVIEW licenses for all our in-system programmer, now offered on our parallel programmer SUPERPRO 7500.

Previously, users had to purchase DLL functions and create a set of custom VIs for integration, which takes time and resulting in expensive engineering time. With our LabVIEW driver package everything is ready and little coding and customization required. Contact us today for pricing.


  1. SUPEPRO 7500 Ultra-High-Speed Programmer
  2. 103K+ devices supported
  3. Single or 4 Socket adapters available
  4. Supports high density chips such as NAND & eMMC
  5. Customized algorithms available
  6. Standalone Mode compatibility

SuperBOT-5/5e newly released!


Check out our latest SuperBOT family, SuperBOT5 and SuperBOT5e !

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​Unique or small device package type? No worries Xeltek has you covered.

by Xeltek Inc

When it comes to in socket or automated programming Xeltek can handle most package types.
Since Xeltek has supported over 102K+ devices we have seen them all and offer a large varieties of socket adapters!

Today, we are proudly happy to say even the smallest chips we can offer you a solution for in socket or automated programming. Chip dimension as small as 2x2mm, 0.4mm thin or unique packages such as the WLCSP, SOT or FLAT Package.

Socket adapter not available, let Xeltek create a custom adapter for your application.

We work with most major socket manufacturers - Socket Manufacturer Partners

Contact us today for any questions – (408) 530-8080 Monday – Friday 7am-4pm PST

Case Study: Xeltek SuperBOT-3 programmer with Aitek!

by Xeltek Inc

New news from Xeltek!

Check out our new case study with SuperBOT and Aitek!


Xeltek SuperBOT-3 programming with Haier.

by Xeltek Inc

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