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Xeltek SuperPro vs. Advantech LabTool Programmer


  Xeltek Xeltek Advantech
Model SuperPro 611S SuperPro 6100 LabTool-48UXP
Number of Devices Supported (4) 37,281+ 101,195+ 13,200+
Number of Manufacturers Supported 249+ 383+  
Number of Pins Available (5) 48 144 48
Stand-Alone (1) Yes Yes No
ISP Header for In-circuit programming (2) Optional Optional No
PC Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Built-in Processor ARM9 RISC MCU ARM9 RISC MCU  
RoHS & CE Compliance
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year
Price $845 $1,595 $1295 or $995
Product Link SuperPro 611S Product Page SuperPro 6100 Product Page


    1. Operation without a PC using a compact flash (CF) card, clustering ability for flexible volume programming up to 15+ units. See Stand-Alone_Graphic_Illustrations.pdf.
    2. In-system programming cable optional for serial programming.
    3. Programming speed varies for different devices. Contact Xeltek for more accurate data.
    4. Device count as of August 2017. Check the online Device List in the Download Center for the latest device count.
    5. Xeltek SuperPro universal programmers are equipped with 144-pin universal pin drivers to accommodate large pin count devices.
    • One universal adapter accommodates all devices with the same package type.
    • High quality materials used to improve production reliability.
    • Multiple bottom adapters cause inventory nightmare.
    • Keeping track of adapter variations would cause delay in today's production environment


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