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Quick Peek to Elnec BeeProg Programmers

Here is a quick evaluation of Elnec BeeProg programmers:

  1. Max 48 pin drivers Economized hardware design, which is a socket adapter nightmare for large pin-count devices. For example, there are 50 versions of QFP64 socket adapters. SuperPro 6100, 6104GP and 7500 models come with 144 pin drivers enabling easy support for today's complex devices.
  2. No Stand-alone programming capability Stand-alone mode allows programmers to be used also in manufacturing. A person can easily operate 10 or more units for production programming without being attached to a PC. SuperPro 501S stand-alone operation allows 10 or more units to be operated simultaneously by a user without being attached to a PC. Multi-programming supported by BeeProg requires a PC with USB Hub. This requires an additional investment of a PC, a trained operator, desktop space, etc.
  3. FPGA controlled hardware design In this outmoded hardware design, programming operation becomes PC speed and operating system dependent, which causes unreliable operation for many sensitive devices. SuperPro programmers are ARM7/9 MCU based for high performance and precision operation. Xeltek dropped FPGA based design 15 years ago.
  4. 1.8 volts min. device support Will not be able to support today's high performance devices. Cannot be used in most newle designed devices. SuperPro programmers support 1.2 volts devices

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