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SuperPro IS01 vs. Equinox PPM4


  SuperPro IS01 Equinox PPM4 Programmer
Devices supported 10,183+ devices supported. Xeltek updates software and device algorithm regularly. User can download the current software version free of charge at Download Center. *Contact Xeltek for customized algorithm requests. 607 devices. It is a family specific device programmer which can program certain families of ICs. And Not all device families are free to program.
For Atmel AT91SAM7 - ARM7 JTAG Device Library License is required which is priced at $775.50
For 24xxx - Serial I2C EEPROM Memory license is required which is priced at $775.50
Number of manufacturers supported 188+ 15
Programming Interface I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, or any other serial port. SPI, JTAG, I2C , SCI, BDM, PDI interfaces
Low Voltage Support 1.2V (It is Lowest in the industry). 1.8V
User Requested Device Update Yes (1)  
Standalone Operation Yes (2) User has to purchase Standalone Project Upload Utility Upgrade priced at $89.95
Calibration data and serial numbers Inbuilt in the software It is not free. It costs for $329.9 production software upgrade+ script builder license upgrade requires $412.45
Warranty support 2 years 1 Year
SD card slot Yes, users can use up to 2GB flash cards to store multiple project files. No, fix internal memory of 8 MB
Data Security Data security is maintained by removing the SD card at the end of each operation from the programmer. No
Multi Programming In stand-alone production operation, units may be added as many as needed without being connected to a PC. 12 SuperPro IS01 programmers can be connected to a PC for multiprogramming by using a USB hub. An RS-485 Converter is required to implement multi-channel programming on Equinox PPM4 ISP programmers . User needs to covert PC serial port signals (RS232) to RS485 in order to do multi programming
Programming Speed Programming speed adjustable for complicated application environments brought by user target board, length of ISP cable etc  
Price $995.00 $999.95
This is a basic cost only. When configured for production operation, cost may reach many thousands of dollars.


    1. Xeltek updates new devices onto current programmers regularly and also upon customer request on SPIS01. *Contact Xeltek for more details.
    2. Customized algorithm will be ready in as littlle as one to two weeks.
    3. Stand-alone operation: Repeat programming and verification is performed without a PC attached. The programmer is completely self-contained with add-on memory (option), keyboard, and LCD display for volume production operation.
    4. Does not require an operator who has to have knowledge of operating a PC thus saving on the cost of the operator.
    5. Saves cost of a PC.
    6. Data integrity is insured, as there is no chance that an operator may corrupt data in the PC.
    7. Data security is insured, as the plug-in compact flash card may be removed and stored away at the end of each day.
    8. Seamless transition from engineering to production is ensured, as the project file is generated in engineering, downloaded onto a compact flash card and transferred to manufacturing.
    9. SD card used for Stand-alone mode operation.


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