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Xeltek vs. System General



Which is the best automated programmer?

Xeltek and SystemGeneral are both manufacturers of Automated device programmers.
But when you dig a little deeper, there are significant differences 
that make Xeltek stand out as a System General alternative.

How we stack up on features

3 Advanced Features You Can't Get With System General

144 pin driver universal programmer


Xeltek universal programmers are equipped with 144-pin universal pin drivers to accommodate large pin count devices. One universal adapter accommodates all devices with the same package type.

XELTEK     vs     System General 

Many automated programmers in market such as System General AP720 are expensive 4-pickup nozzle and 4 to 32 socket models.

Multi-nozzle and multi-socket models are used when programming large size devices taking more than a minute to program. 

Xeltek SuperBOT-3 also falls in this category. If your device size is small, chances are they will program within a few seconds. 

SuperBOT-2 is ideal for such an application. 

The system will run 24/7 at full speed (1200 units per hour) without having to wait for the device programming to finish.

Microchip devices are generally small with small memory capacity, which is ideal to program with a single nozzle programmer such as SuperBot-2.

4 nozzle system such as AP720 becomes complex, high cost and requires more maintenance. It is more suitable for high density devices such as Nand and eMMC which takes very long time to program. When programming large size devices, more nozzles will reduce idle time for the pickup. But, since most Microchip devices will program within 10 sec. using 4 nozzle system is an overkill. 

In AP720, there will be high cost of the 4nozzle system,  but without the corresponding benefit.

Program easier and faster with Xeltek Automated programmers

image of Xeltek logo
Image of Xeltek SuperPro 6100 universal programmer
Image of Xeltek SuperPro 6100 universal programmer
Image of Elnec SmartProg 2 universal programmer

Powerful and Intelligent software

 Setup data saved for next operation,
log file and statistic reports available
for quality assurance and traceability
purposes, simple graphical user interface
cuts learning curve

volume production

Remote Control

Remote project loading, quality monitoring, volume control, file security. Technical department can
remote control programming operations and processes, including downloading project file, command execution, project settings, and
obtain real time information to
achieve production goals.

"Thank you for you excellent customer service! I have to be honest, it is hard to find these days" - Cathy Hall, Cascade Laser Corporation

"Fast turnaround on software to add support for the flash chip we needed" - Matt Ollayos, Apple Inc.

"We were stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to get last minute support on a device. We needed support right away and while other vendors had a longer lead time, Xeltek was able to upgrade an adapter they had on hand for a quick delivery. Thank you so much!" - Jane, Arrow

See our Automated programming solutions

Universal Up To 112 Pins

4 (suitable for high-density eMMC, Nand)

ARM32 + Linux
Universal Up To 144 Pins
1 (Suitable for MCU and Flash)
No. of Devices Supported
No. of pin drivers
Remote Control
Algorithm processor
Powerful and Intelligent Software
Socket adapter compatibility
No. of Nozzles

One Stop Shop

Xeltek products cover wide
range of applications from
low-end to high-performance
engineering and from Gang
and Cluster medium volume
programming to Automated

Why Xeltek? 

Some of our customers

Image of Xeltek customers

Location and Relationship 

XELTEK USA maintains great
relationships with many
major IC manufacturers to
continuously get new chips
supported immediately.
Algorithm updates are
available for free and
accessible via our website.


 The value of a programming
product is a combination of
price, the number of devices
supported, programming
speed, regular update of
devices, free downloads, and
reliability. Xeltek products
are designed with the above
factors in mind which provide
the best value in the

Market Share

Xeltek captured over 75% of
the Chinese high volume
programmer market for all
programming needs. 


More than 30 engineers are devoted to developing new
programmers, socket
adapters, and device
algorithms. Engineers are
fluent in English and provide
direct support.

Technical Support

Excellent support that
customers rely on through
emails, telephone, Live chat
and an online ticketing
system. With the 2
operations (Xeltek China and
Xeltek USA) providing 17
hours of continuous support
world-wide we are confident
to be able to support most of
world-wide sites.

Free Programming Verification

Automated programmer
customers can send chips in
advance to our factory for
free verification and video of
programming operations.

Low Maintenance Cost

Spare part kit package for most common parts is provided for free and included with purchase of automated programmer. So far, all of our SuperBOT customers (from Europe, Asia, and the United
States) are very happy with
their system with no major
system technical support is