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Steps to Request an RMA

All trade-in, exchange, and repair services require customers to obtain an approved RMA number before shipping the products to Xeltek. Packages without an approved RMA will be shipped back to the Sender with shipping fee automatically charged to the Sender by their selected courier.

How To Submit and Track an RMA

Step 1 – If this is your first time creating an RMA, click create an account here.
Step 2 - Fill out your company's information, create your own password, and click submit.
Step 3 - You will be taken back to the main portal screen, click submit new RMA request.

Step 4 - Select your product code (Xeltek Programmer model), quantity, and enter a detailed description and reason for return. If you are submitting a request for socket adapter, then simply select socket adapter from product list as shown below:

Step 5 - Submit product information, add another RMA item if applicable, click “I am done and submit the RMA Request!" If you are submitting RMA for socket adapters then enter the socket adapter model such as CX1045 as shown below:

Step 6 - You will receive an email when your RMA has been approved, follow the link to print out your RMA Return Form. Make sure to check your inbox as well as the Junk folder for your RMA number.
Step 7 - You MUST include a copy of the RMA return form in your return package to avoid delay.

*Check the status of your RMA at any time by logging back into this site.
* When sending programmer for repair or testing, please only ship the main unit without the power adapter and USB cable.
* If you have programming issue with particular chip, please include 2-3 samples of IC which gives error.

For any questions, please contact techsupport@xeltek.com

Thank you!



Q. Do I need to send any items along with the programmer?
A. The sample chips that you normally use will help us to verify the problem or do some final tests. If the chip requires a special socket adapter, please send the adapter together with the programmer. We will inspect the socket adapter as well as the programmer.

Q. Do you repair the socket adapter?
A. We do not repair the socket adapter. Socket adapters can be replaced if purchased within last 30 days.

Q. How long do the repair services take?
a. It normally takes 1-2 days to repair the unit. If repairs take more than 3 days, we will send updates on the status of your programmer via E-Mail. Note: if we do not have the spare parts in our stock to finish the repairs, it might take additional time to complete the repairs.

Q. Which programmer models do you repair?
A. We repair all current programmers. If you want to repair the legacy (discontinued) programmer, please confirm the repair service with our RMA department. Sometimes, the parts for legacy programmer are not in our stock.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. There are various payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and COD Cashier's Check. There are additional COD fee about $9. For the detailed information of the payment, please contact at sales@xeltek.com.

* Make sure to review our Return Policy before submitting an RMA Request


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