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Bring Your Old Programmer: Get a Brand New SuperPro Programmer

Are you still running your old programmer via printer port? Do you need to keep an old Pentium computer to run your programmer? Can you program all devices that you need to program, or do you need different programmers for different chips? Do you need to get many socket adapters to program same package type and same pin count devices? Can your programmer support all recent devices? Do you need to run your programmer without connecting to a PC (stand-alone)? Are you happy with the programmer's customer support?

If you have problems with one of the issues listed above, it is time to look for a replacement device programmer? But you already have one programmer, and you don't feel like purchasing an additional one? If you think you can work it out with what is in hand, good luck! But Xeltek now offers you credit for your old programmer, if you purchase new programmers. No need to keep that old junk, and wait to program a small size chip for tens of minutes. Instead, get a SuperPro 6100 series programmer, and get your chips done in couple seconds.

It is time to upgrade your programmer. And It is very simple and affordable. Regardless of the brand or the condition of the programmer you have, immediately contact Xeltek, and ask for the trade-in option to replace your programmer with a brand new SuperPro Programmer.

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