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Trade in Policy

Trade-in Values

Trade-in Values
Product purchased within 90 Days 85% of purchase value
Product purchased within 6 months 70% of purchase value
Product purchased within 1 Year 60% of purchase value
Product purchased within 2 Years 40% of purchase value
Non-Xeltek products 15% of purchase value
Product purchased beyond 2 Years (out of warranty) 30% of purchase value
Items with missing receipts (max) 20% of purchase value

Terms and Conditions

Customers can take advantage of our Trade-in Service when upgrading to a new Xeltek Programmer with the following terms and conditions:

    • Trade-in programmer must be of Xeltek brand
    • Xeltek handle trade-ins directly (not valid through distributors)
    • Standard U.S. list price will be applied to all trade-ins
    • Customers are responsible for shipping cost both ways
    • Upgrade programmer must be of higher model and value compared to the trade-in model
    • Trade-in is one-to-one (one programmer for another, cannot combine multiple units)
    • For your protection, we suggest all shipments to be sent through a traceable carrier
    • Xeltek reserves the right to reject unrealistic values for the traded programmers
    • Even if the programmer to be traded in is not functioning properly, make sure all major components are included to avail credit.
    • Trade ins are excluded from sales.

Maximum trade-in value cannot exceed 25% of the Superpro programmer to be purchased.

Note: The purchase receipt that has been provided by the trader may be investigated, and accordingly may be revalued during the trade-in process. To avoid any possible conflicts, please provide your receipt prior to sending in old programmers.

*Xeltek reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.
*No refund when programmer is purchased through the trade-in program

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