SuperBot-3 Automated IC Programmer

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32-Socket Automated IC Programmer

"24/7 Automated Programming Workhorse"

SuperBot 3 is an automatic IC programmer with high performance and reasonable price for large-scale electronic product manufacturing. This programmer can automatically pick up, place, program, take out and pack up chips. With fully automated operation setup capabilities, it can improve working efficiency and minimize human errors. SuperBOT 3 comes with 4 pick & place nozzles, 8 independent socket pressing actuators, two CCD cameras and can work with 2 tape feeders. Up to 2400 units per hour (UPH) for devices with programming time less than 50 sec. Throughput 0.6 to 60 times higher than SuperBOT-1 especially higher for large capacity devices like eMMC, NAND /NOR FLASH and SPI FLASH. Suitable for both small and large capacity devices.

The value of a programming product is a combination of price, the number of devices supported, programming speed, regular update of devices, free downloads, and reliability. Xeltek products are designed with the above factors in mind which provide the best value in the industry.

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Varied I/O devices

Manual Tray (Standard equipped) Standard I/O device of the machine. Operator will replace the programmed tray from the SuperBot machine manually after the full tray is programmed. Customer does not need to buy any other accessory while using this option.

Auto Tray Device This device is an extension of the fixed tray. It includes tray-in and tray-out and users can put 20 trays into the device. When the machine is running, users can add trays or take out trays without stopping the machine. The auto tray device can also be installed outside of the whole machine and trays can be automatically changed without the need to open the upper cover, which saves tray changeover space and avoid human error during tray changeover. The auto tray device can stack up to 20 JEDEC trays. Watch video

Tape-In Device Electric Tape in feeder. Tape width between 8 and 32mm applicable. Tape-in device can be configured as per the chip to be programmed. For SOIC and TSOP packages customer will need 2-3 types of different tape in the devices depending on the width of chips to be programmed. Watch video

Tape-Out Device Connects to a SuperBOT2 or SuperBOT3 for fully automatic operation. 8-32 mm tape widths can be used with the device. Output reel is sealed with heated tape. Watch video

Tube-In Moves chips in the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional). IO is multi feed and upto 8 tubes can be operated at once (optional). Tube IO pages should also be updated accordingly.

Tube-Out Moves chips out of the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional). IO is multi feed and upto 8 tubes can be operated at once (optional). Tube IO pages should also be updated accordingly. Watch video

Laser Marker System An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device for high speed marking. It marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips. Watch video

Tape Ink-Marker Add-on item for tape out machine. On completion of programming the chip can be automatically marked with a point using ink (optional). Watch video. Tray Ink Marker Add-on item for auto tray machine. On completion of the programming the chip can be automatically marked with a point using ink (optional). Watch video

Advantages of SuperBOT-3

High Throughput SuperBot 3 is based on a high performance servo system that can program up to 2400 UPH (units per hour) (for devices with programming time less than 50 sec) and is suitable for both small and large capacity devices. Throughput is up to 60 times higher than SuperBot 1, especially higher for large capacity devices like eMMC, NAND/NOR FLASH, SPI FLASH. It can be operated 24x7 and can provide throughput of 1,728,000 UPM (units per month). One person can supervise many SuperBOT machines and once they are programmed they can usually be left to operate by themselves.
High Performance Programmers SuperBot 3 is equipped with eight SuperPro 7500 high speed universal programmers. Depending on the device programmed, each SuperPro 7500 can have up to 4 sockets with a total of up to 32 sockets in the system. Most programmers in the market use technology which is up to 10 years old. The best current hardware technology is to use a high speed MCU chip built inside the programmer. SuperPro 7500 programmers employ a very high-speed MCU chip producing not only reliable programming algorithms but also increasing programming speed. Utilization of ARM11 32bit MCU combined with an internal Linux operating system makes them the most advanced and versatile programmers in the industry.
LAN Operation Most volume programming applications need programmers to be operated remotely and this can be achieved by using the LAN port on SuperBOT programmers. Programmers can be connected to a local network and be remotely controlled by any computer on the network via LAN (100M) port. LAN port enables remote project loading, quality monitoring, volume control, file security. Technical department can remote control programming operations and processes, including downloading project file, command execution, project settings, and obtain real time information to achieve production goals. Remote network management provides the most protection for intellectual property. Project data and files are never shared with operators because files are remotely loaded by authorized engineers.
The Most Durable and Reliable Systems in the Industry China is the hub of the world Electronics manufacturing and Xeltek automated programmers are widely installed at most major Electronic manufacturing plants with multiple installations at many locations. Most companies run production 24 hours/day and 7 days/week programming millions of devices per year. Xeltek automated programmers have been refined to run non-stop, withstand harsh and battle-ground like environment.
Largest Device Support Located in Silicon Valley, we keep good relationships with many major IC companies that are important for us to continuously support new devices. Xeltek currently supports more than 100,000 devices, which is the largest device library in the programming industry. Requested device algorithms can be added within a week - average lead time from other manufacturers is over two months.
Better Yield Our semiconductor manufacturer approved algorithms, precision and clean signals guarantee high programming yield. Algorithms are performed with state machine architecture constructed with FPGA to achieve an ultrahigh programming speed. Along with the low voltage components selection, they program devices down to 1.2 volts.
Chip Size Devices between 2x2mm to 30x30mm can be programmed. SuperBot 3 supports the SOT23 package which measures only 2x3mm. We do not know of any other manufacturer who supports such a small package type and this is a testimony that SuperBot 3 excels in its accuracy and precision.
Powerful and Intelligent Software User-friendly software with graphical interface cuts learning curve. Setup data saved for next operation. Software also includes resourceful log table, convenient production and quality tracking, authorization, flexible stopping strategy for bad socket or module.
Lowest Cost Automated Programming System in Market: The Most Affordable and High Value Systems in the Industry. High volume and extensive production experience enables the products to be the most competitive in quality, price, and value in the industry
Short change-over time I/O devices and socket adapters are easily interchangeable and socket positioning can be performed automatically. Auto Tray and Tape-out can be permanently attached to SuperBot eliminating changeover time when moving from tape-out to auto tray. Tape-in feeder changeover time is below 10 minutes and laser marker changeover time between tray to tape is under 15 minutes.
Socket Cost and Investment Cost recovery in short period with low investment in the beginning as socket adapters are universal for up to 144 pin chips. For most of competitor programmers, user has to invest on device specific socket adapters for chips greater than 48 pins thus increasing cost in long term.
Technical Support More than 30 engineers are devoted to developing new programmers, socket adapters and device algorithms. Engineers are fluent in English and provide excellent direct support through emails, telephone, live chat an online ticketing system. With our locations in the United Stated and China, providing 17 hours of continuous support worldwide daily, we are confident to be able to provide support anywhere in the world.

Xeltek offers free training up to 5 days at our factory. Why we offer free training?

When it comes to production programming time cannot be wasted, while waiting for a certified technician like most companies offer it may take several days until they can service your unit losing production time. With our training classes we will show you how to service, operate and troubleshoot the Automated System, leading to low cost maintenance service and quick repair done by your operators. Our free training has be beneficial to all our SuperBot customers, leaving them confident about our SuperBot. Confident enough that our customer AITEK a Mom & Pop shop was able to tame their SuperBot 3 with little to no help. They were able to set up their unit within 1 day! Read more about their success with our SuperBot 3: Click Here

What is included?

SuperBOT 3 comes with
  • 8 x SuperPro 7500
  • Built-in Industrial PC with Windows 7
    • 19" LCD Display
    • Keyboard and mouse
Optional Accessories


CE Compliant RoHS Compliant ISO 9001 Certified ISO 4001

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Motion System

Motion System

High Performance Control Card & Servo Drive System.


X axis: ±0.02mm; Y axis: ±0.02mm; Z axis: ±0.02mm; θaxis: ±0.1°


X axis: 1000mm; Y axis: 500mm; Z axis: 40mm

Pick & Place Header Accuracy


Operable Chip Size

Minimum: 2x2mm; Maximoum: 25x25mm

Maximum Throughput

2400 Units Per Hour


Vision System


Upward CCD for IC positioning while the downward CCD for sockets / pick-and-place spot positioning. 512×512 pixels

Field of View


Vision Accuracy △x=△y=0.07 mm, △θ=0.1°


Electrical & Hardware Specifications

Devices Supported

EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR & NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU, etc.



Power Supply

AAC 200~240V/50~60Hz, single phase

Power Consumption



Clean, pressure: 0.6MPa, consumption: 50 liter/min


Main Machine

Auto Tray


Main machine: 1280 (L) x 840 (W) x 1500 (H)

1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H) mm



Main machine: 450 Kg
Auto tray: 80 Kg
Tape out: 80 Kg

Shipping Dimension

Main Machine

Auto Tray


1360(L) X 900 (W) x 1500 (H) mm

1170(L)×620(W)×1350(H) mm

1350(L)×600(W)×11660(H) mm

Shipping Weight

Main machine: 500 Kg
Auto tray: 140 Kg
Tape out: 140 Kg


How To Install Electric Tape-In Feeder

How To Install Socket Adapter Plate

How To Set Up The Tape-Out Handler

Xeltek Tape Ink Marker

Xeltek Tube Out

Quick Guide: How To Set Up Automated Tray Handler

Auto Tray Ink Marker

Laser Marker

Software Download & Device List

Software Download Download Device List View Online Device List
I would like to thank XELTEK team about solving the problem related to high fail rate of programming for one of used IC in our production.

Xeltek is committed to providing excellent support for our international customers. Our global network of representatives and distributors support customers in local time. Select distributors have been factory trained to support all manual and Automated programming support requirements. They can assist with troubleshooting and are equipped with spares modules in the event that an automated programmer needs to be repaired. All distributors can facilitate the handling of product repairs/returns. For urgent issues, customers always have an option to be in direct contact with support engineers in Xeltek USA and Xeltek China.

More than 30 engineers are devoted to developing new programmers, socket adapters and device algorithms. Engineers are fluent in English and provide excellent support through emails, telephone, live chat, and online ticketing system.

  • Quick device update (2 weeks upon customer request)
  • Bi-weekly software updates (Free download)
  • Xeltek provides the first 5 years hand-holding support for free!
  • Xeltek provides free defective hardware parts replacement service for 1 year from the date of installation.
  • Xeltek ships additional emergency spare parts within 24 hours upon request.

With the 2 operations (Xeltek China and Xeltek USA) in conjunction with local support providing 24 hours of continuous support worldwide, we are able to resolve customer technical support issues quickly.

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Our goal is to have your engineers trained properly so that they can carry on without a problem. The Factory will set up an onsite set-up and training schedule in conjunction with the customer team.


Learn More About Our On-Site Installation

SuperBOT5: 1280(L)×840(W)×1500(H)mm Weight: 450Kg

SuperBOT 5e: 1260(L)×900(W)×1550(H)mm Weight: 248Kg.

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