Tape-out and Packing Handler

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Comes with Heat sealing and pressure sealing modes. Tape width adjustable between 8 and 40mm. Customer should modify and change settings for different IC sizes and only 1 qty of this accessory is needed.

Product features

Voltage: 220v

Max Current: 5A

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa provided by the SuperBOT

How To Set Up The Tape Out Handler

Software Download & Device List

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More than 30 engineers are devoted to developing new programmers, socket adapters and device algorithms. Engineers are fluent in English and provide excellent direct support through emails, telephone, live chat and online ticketing system. 

  • Quick device update (2 weeks upon customer request)
  • Bi-weekly software updates (Free download)
  • Xeltek provides a first 5 years hand-holding support for free!
  • Xeltek provides free defective hardware parts replacement for the first year from the date of installation. On-site replacement shall be performed by the Customer.
  • Common Spare parts kit included with Automated programmer.
  • Xeltek ships additional emergency spare parts within 24 hours upon request.

With the 2 operations (Xeltek China and Xeltek USA) providing 24 hours of continuous support world-wide we are able to resolve customer technical support issues quickly.


Find out more: https://pages.xeltek.com/superbot-tech-support/


Our goal is to have your engineers trained properly so that they can carry on without a problem. The Factory will set up an onsite set-up and training schedule in conjunction with the customer team.

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