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Xeltek Partition Merge Software

Do you know that Xeltek has Partition Merge Software? Xeltek has a smart tool to combine files for the customer's special NAND programming requirement. Xeltek design engineers helped Qualcomm to implement the related projects with partition programming.

Xeltek SuperPro Programmers support a lot of NAND Flash devices from different chip manufacturers. There are 3 different types of bad block handling methods for NAND Flash programming. Beside the standard method “skip bad block", Xeltek softare also provides “Hard Copy" and “Partition" programming Options. “Hardcopy" is used to read the chip that was programmed on a third party programmer with different methods.

partition merge software

Partition Programming
is a more complex bad block handling method. Xeltek currently uses Qualcomm multiple partition method and is mainly applied to Qualcomm's wireless card and mobile phone platforms as well as some Linux systems. If the user wants to program multiple segments of data starting at the assigned locations, Xeltek has “Partition Merge Software" to help generating a programmable file.

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