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NAND Flash Device Algorithm Customization

Standard NAND flash programming algorithm is not sufficient for some device applications because there are different methods to handle bad blocks.Please fill out the Customized NAND Flash Algorithm Questionnaire to help our engineers generate a customized algorithm for requested chips.

Customized NAND Flash Algorithm Fees

    1. $200.00 if the standard algorithm of the NAND chip is already available.
    2. $300.00 if a new algorithm is required because the chip is not supported in the standard algorithm.
    3. $300.00 for eMMC and other large NAND Flash devices (larger than 2GB).

Partition Merge Software

SuperPro programmers can handle partitions with Xeltek's partition merge software:

    • Partition-Merge software licensing: $150.00

Partition-merge tool is a separate .exe software which is compatible with the SuperPro 6100 software.

Using the Partition-Merge software, users can:

    • Generate a programmable file to merge multi-files to different block areas
    • Load the merged files and program the chip by setting Broadcom ECC and bad block handling as ‚ÄúPartition"

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