Press Release



Illegal Distribution of Xeltek SuperPro® Programmers


"This is to inform our end-users and distributors that Xeltek is taking
serious actions to stop piracy of selling Xeltek programmers."


Due to high popularity of SuperPro® Programmers some resellers have engaged in illegal import and distribution of Xeltek SuperPro®  programmers. This resulted in inadequate support to users, degraded reputation for Xeltek, and disruption of authorized distribution channels. Xeltek is in the process of establishing a registration process, which will require all authorized distributors and end-users to register in order to complete installation of SuperPro® Software (Chinese language version excepted). Here is the summary of operation.   

  • Serial number of a unit must match from 3 sources; Manufacturer (Xeltek), Authorized distributor, and Purchaser(user)
  • Machine and time-zone dependant Authorization code will be issued to complete registration and installation of the purchased unit.
  • Both CD and web down-loaded programs will be subjected to registration.
  • AAll units sold in 2008 will be subjected to registration. It will be the responsibility of authorized distributors and purchasers to register.

The resultant effect would be as follows:

  • Illegally sold/purchased units will fail to install rendering the purchased unit inoperable.
  • IIn case of a dispute, it is the responsibility of the distributor and purchaser to submit proof of legal sales or purchase.
  • Xeltek and its affiliates reserve a right to refuse service to all purchases, which cannot be substantiated as being a legal purchase.
  • Distributors must purchase through Xeltek USA, Xeltek China, or Xeltek Korea direct. Any purchase made through other channel is illegal.
  • End-users must make purchase through an authorized distributor in their country. In case of a dispute, Xeltek USA retains sole right for determination.
  • A purchase made from China, Hong Kong, and neighboring countries for use in other country is illegal.



       Best Regards,

       Sam Kim

       Xeltek Inc.