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Production Programming by SuperPro Gang Programmers

Since the launch of SuperPro gang programmer series in 2008, a new era has started for universal gang programmers industry. The market has migrated from conventional gang programmers design to faster speed, high technology SuperPro production programming solutions. So what has changed with SuperPro Gang programmers:

  • For traditional gang programmers, all sockets controlled by one processor and one data buffer which limits some important features unlike SuperPro programmers provides.
  • For traditional gang programmers, programming of chips is done simultaneously but verifying is done sequentially. In other words, the 8 socket programmer may only provide 5 to 6 times the output instead of 8. But you get the full outcome out of SuperPro gang programmers with its built-in RISC MCU.
  • Xeltek gang programmers are equipped with 144-pin drivers by default unlike other 48-pin gang programmers with limited device support.
  • Xeltek gang programmers support over 107k+ devices by being the industry leader as supporting largest device count.
  • Asynchronous fast programming is ensured by each module being independent from one another. The programming starts automatically when a chip is inserted.
  • With SuperPro 6104NGP programming family, 1 Gb NAND Flash can be programmer as low as 108 seconds.
  • For eMMC and NAND programming we recommend our SuperPro 7504.
  • SuperPro 7504 offer higher programming speeds for high density chips and up to 16 socket programming.

SuperPro 7504N and  SuperPro 6104NGP is listed as gang programming solution for Xeltek's latest product line. SuperPro production programmers are being highly demanded by engineering workshops, IC manufacturing labs, programming houses, etc. Basically any entity who is programming ICs in mass orders are either considering to switch SuperPro or already using our programmers.

What if 4 socket gang programmer is too much or not enough? Have you ever heard of Clustered Programmers? With any stand-alone SuperPro programmer, you can cluster and use it as a gang programming solution. Below are some advantages of stand-alone cluster programming:

  • Start small and grow incrementally. You may start with 2 units and add more units as the need grows.
  • Clustering device programmers solution is based on operating in PC-free (stand-alone) mode and does not require any PC screen operation, and accordingly it minimizes the operator error.
  • SuperPro Programmers can be operated by an inexperienced operator with minimal training.
  • It allows a person to easily operate 10 or more programmers concurrently.
  • Data security is maintained by removing the Compact Flash card at the end of each operation.
  • Service is easy. If a unit breaks down, the rest of the system is still running while having the defective unit serviced.

Since 2010, Xeltek has been offering SuperPro 5004GP,  SuperPro 5004EGP, and SuperPro 501S 4-C as production programming solutions. Considering the outcome, and the performance; SuperPro Gang Programmers once again gives the highest value in return.

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