Melexis Devices programming using Automated Programmers


SuperBOT 2 & 3 Automated Programmers Now Support LIN RGB Slave programming for Automotive Ambient Light Applications!


Car manufacturers have a very high demand for a way to implement ambient lighting cost effectively. Melexis MLX81106 and MLX81107 chips are popularly used for such applications.  Melexis MLX81106, MLX81107  LIN RGB slave provides a single chip solution for driving up to four LEDs (RGB+1) via constant current sources in automotive ambient lighting applications. Every output can be programmed to a maximum current of 30 mA through the built-in Flash memory. 

Xeltek is in the business of providing IC (Integrated Circuit) programming solutions for engineering and high volume manufacturing applications. Recently, Xeltek  introduced SuperBOT2  Automated Programming System with the addition of  support for Melexis IC devices. The System already supports 100K+ devices. Melexis devices added at this time are Melexis MLX81106, MLX81107, MLX81108, MLX81109  LIN RGB slave , which are used for Car interior lighting control purpose. Additional devices are being planned at this time. The devices are programmed at a rate of 1200/ hr. Future adaptation to SuperBOT3 will increase it to 2200/hr. SuperBOT family of Systems are designed to operate 24/7 non-stop.

Current programming method for Melexis devices are not fully automated and it also requires more human interaction. Xeltek SuperBOT System is the industry first to provide fully automated programming at very high speed

Devices Supported on Xeltek Programmers:

MLX81106KDC@MSOP8 [GX1016-P008], MLX81107KLW@QFN20 [GX4056], 
MLX81108KDC@MSOP8 [GX1016-P008], MLX81109KLW@QFN20 [GX4056],



SuperBOT-2 and SuperBOT-3  handles tiny packages 

such as QFN 5x5 mm and MSOP 4mm


32 Socket Automated IC Programmer



Superpro 7500

High Speed 4 Gang Stand-Alone Universal

Device Programmer



16-Socket Automated IC Programmer


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