Fiber Laser Marker


An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device for high speed marking. It marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips. 

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Xeltek Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Understanding the Laser Marking Machine

The Laser Marking Machine consist of a Laser Generator, Digital Scanning System & Laser Lens
Compatible for Automated Tape out(XTAO-01-B) & Tray(XTR-01-A).
The fiber laser marker is designed for  SuperBOT 2SuperBOT 3 & SuperBOT 5 Series


Laser beam safe for the human skin thanks to the laser wavelength. 
Air Cooling requires no maintenance
High electron-optic conversion, 50w power consumption 
Stable beam quality because the output laser is not modulated.  

Sample of Fiber Laser Marking - "C6919"

Numbers, Characters and Symbols Can be Engraved.