Xeltek News and Highlights

[04/25/2016] Forensic Application Promotion May-June 2016
[03/31/2016] In-System Programmers Promotion April-May 2016
[03/18/2016] Xeltek SuperPro Product Line-Up 2016
[03/16/2016] Free Shipping Promotion Mar-Apr 2016
[03/15/2016] Special Offer. Like us on Facebook and get 10% Discount!
[03/11/2016] Introducing SuperBOT-4 Desktop Automated IC Programmer
[03/10/2016] Using the ATE Port to Control ISP Programmers
[08/02/2011] SuperPro software now supports Hungarian Language
[07/06/2011] SuperPro supports Spansion's fastest family of NOR Flash devices
[06/15/2011]Xeltek SuperPro Programmers now support over 70000+ devices
[05/20/2011] SuperPro Real Time Apps
[04/14/2011] I2C programming using Xeltek IS01 Serial programmer
[02/25/2011] Clustering SuperPro Programmers: Why do you need clustering programmers?
[02/10/2011] Xeltek launched French and Spanish landing pages for local audience
[01/26/2011] Xeltek launched German and Turkish landing pages for local audience
[01/26/2011] Introducing Device Search Tool. Watch demo now!
[01/12/2011] Xeltek Partition Merge Software
[01/12/2011] Lowest cost SuperPro M is available now!
[12/15/2010] Lowest-cost SuperPro M is on the market
[11/12/2010] Cluster Concurrent Programming vs. Traditional Parallel Programming
[1026/2010] Xeltek SuperBOT-I is on the market
[10/05/2010] Bring your old programmer; Get a brand new SuperPro Programmer
[08/13/2010] XELTEK SuperPro IS01 ISP Programmer uses XPlayer tool to program CPLD chips by Altera and Actel
[08/06/2010] Newly Developed Xeltek's Frequently Asked Questions Page
[06/14/2010] Important announcement by Xeltek about illegal SuperPro 580U/280U sales
[04/29/2010] How to search for a device support prior to purchase of SuperPro programmer?.
[04/05/2010] Production Programming by SuperPro Gang Programmers
[03/23/2010] Lifetime Device Support?
[03/02/2010] Xeltek Now Offers 2 years Warranty
[02/19/10]Can I run SuperPro 3000U/9000U/580U/280U on Win 7 Platform?
[02/11/10]Quick peek to BeeProg Programmers
[02/04/10]Xeltek Edge