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SuperPro adapters are made with high quality sockets from Yamaichi, Plastronics, 3M, Sensata ,Aries Electronics, Enplas and Wells-CTI. These brands are not only reliable but their sockets are specifically designed to have high programming cycle count; suitable for production applications. Superpro software programmer library has reached a milestone and device count crossed 100,000 chips with the help of our socket supplier partners. There is no other company that was able to reach supporting this large number of devices on one programmer, yet! With 500+ socket adapters available, Xeltek design team is always busy in designing new socket adapters for today's high pin count complex chips.

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Through collaborative creativity, 3M designs meaningful brand experience and enrich 3M innovation. 3M design competencies help drive competitive advantage, grow our business, delight our customers and make a positive impact on our world.

Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation contributes to the development and mass-production of semiconductors, based on its outstanding capacity for development, unique technology for applying high performance plastics and solid quality assurance system.

Plastronics has become a leading global provider of technology for the semiconductor industry. It all started when our team invented the first open-top socket for production burn-in of LCC and PLCC packages to help semiconductor manufacturers significantly increase their throughput and decrease costs.

Now, Plastronics offers complete, reliable burn-in test socket solutions for all the latest packaged devices.

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Sensata Interconnection burn-in sockets are designed with “flexibility of design” in mind. This allows easier modification for different package sizes. A platform design approach is utilized where a base socket can accommodate a variety of different package sizes. The adapter, which personalizes the socket for a specific customer’s package, is designed as a separate part.

By continuing to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality and reliability, Yamaichi is in a position to make major contributions to the development of the Industries that are fulfilling today’s wide-ranging information technology requirements.

Aries Electronics is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip® technology. Our website contains over 150 full-spec Product Data Sheets available for viewing, downloading, and printing of Burn-in Sockets, IC Sockets and Adapters and more.

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