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Socket Adapters

Xeltek manufactures a large variety of programming socket adapters to support the latest surface mount devices for every package type. The Xeltek Device Search menu can be used to quickly determine which socket adapter is needed to program any device on your Xeltek programmer. To learn about how to use our Device Search menu, please Click Here or you can use the device search tool below to start searching for devices and socket adapters now!

Please, use our device search to identify which Xeltek SuperPro® universal programmers and universal programming socket adapters are required to support your desired devices.

Partial part number

Some high pin-count devices will require both a programming socket adapter as well as a 100-pin driver expansion module. The benefit of this approach is that the socket adapter will be a universal adapter, which means it is able to accommodate any device up to 100 pins that has the same physical dimensions. The search results will indicate if the expansion module is required. However, for SuperPro 6100 and SuperPro 7500 you won't need an expansion module anymore since they come with 144 pin support by default. All you need to do, is to order a socket adapter that fits for your device. To obtain the exact socket adapter part number, please run your device part number on Xeltek Device Search tool.

    • DX Adapters: SuperPro 6100, SuperPro 6104GP
    • EX Adapters: SuperPro 7000
    • FX Adapters: SuperPro 7100
    • GX Adapters: SuperPro 7500
    • CX Adapters: SuperPro 5000, SuperPro 5004GP, SuperPro 6000, SuperPro 6000E, SuperPro 6004GP
    • SA Adapters: SuperPro 610P, SuperPro 611S

All socket adapters come with a 30 day warranty. User induced damage is not covered.

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