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Socket Adapter Selection, Usage and Maintenance

Sockets and connectors used to make Xeltek SuperPro adapters are sourced from world renowned manufacturers such as Yamaichi, Enplas, TI, Wells and Okins. Designed to withstand various application demands, socket adapters are manufactured with strict quality assurance guidelines. Users are encouraged to use Xeltek adapters with SuperPro models to avoid project shutdown from third party adapter incompatibility.

Two common forms of adapters are Clamshell (close lid) and open-top. Clamshell sockets are more reliable because there is no friction force involved while inserting or removing a chip. Open-top sockets require force to push the chip into the socket and they are more suitable for automated programming. The average socket life is about 10,000 insertions but varies depending on usage, maintenance and package type. Actual records indicate that proper operation and maintenance can prolong socket adapter life to over 10,000 insertions.

Current SuperPro Socket Adapter Series

    • SA socket adapter series for 48 pin driver programmers such as: SuperPro 610P, SuperPro 611S.
    • DX socket adapter series for SuperPro 6100, SuperPro 6104GP. For ICs with more than 48 pins, use only CX or DX series socket adapters to avoid “Unmatched adapter error" in software.
    • GX socket adapter series for SuperPro 7500 programmer. EX socket adapter series has two options: 1. Single socket 2. Multiple sockets (4-Gang socket design).

Locate correct socket adapters for your chip


    • Used chips must be cleaned before socket insertion because excess solder on pins could cause contact errors and damage the socket. Used BGA chips can be used only after re-balling.
    • Store socket adapters in ESD bags to avoid long-term exposure to air oxidation and dust.
    • Lead-free chips are easily oxidized and thus contaminating test pins. Use mild cleansing agents to clean socket adapters and avoid strong cleaning agents such as thinner, benzene, acetone, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can also be used regularly. Note that cleaning should be done at room temperature for 2-3 seconds.

For more information on Xeltek socket adapters, please contact techsupport@xeltek.com or 408-530-8080 x 600

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