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Learn to use Device Search Menu

The Xeltek Device Search menu is an on-line tool that allows users to rapidly identify which Xeltek Superpro® universal programmer and universal programming adapters are required to support their desired devices. The search results are delivered in seconds and the user never has to leave the website to complete the programmer ordering process.

How to use Device Search menu
Click on the Device Search tab from the top menu to go to the Device Search menu page. Enter the partial part number of your device in the text box and click "search" button to begin searching. You can also specify your search by selecting one of the manufacturer names or programmer types.

From the search result page, you can either choose the name of your device or the package type that you are looking for and click on the link. The page will display the list of Xeltek programmers that support your selected device. Select a programmer from the list and click on the link to open the programmer description page, or you can select and click on the adapter link to see the image of the adapter (image is not available for some adapters).

Which search methods do we have?

Widest This method returns the most of the results. But is, in the same time, the slowest. Entering for example 27512, this is equivalent to search after *27*512*. This because, generally, the technology mark (C, LC, F, HCT) falls after the second character.
Wide This method is much precise than the previous one. Entering for example 27512, this is equivalent to search after *27512*.
Exact This method allows you to search after a specific search string. Entering for example 27512, this method will return only those devices whos part number is 27512 only.

Where specified (allowed), wildcard characters can be entered.

What are wildcards?

Wildcard characters allow you to search on different variations of a device part number. You can locate a greater number of supported devices by using well-placed wildcard characters. Two wildcard characters are accepted: [ * ] and [ ? ].
[ * ]
matches an unlimited number of characters in the space it occupies.
[ ? ] matches any character occupying that single space.

For example:

Search for: Finds:
*27512 AM27512, CAT27512, M27512, etc.
*27512* AM27512DC, UPD27512AD, MSM27512ZB-RS, etc.
AM27512?C AM27512DC, AM27512PC, etc.
*27512?C? AM27512DC, AM27512PC, UPD27512ACT, etc.

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