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How to search for a device support prior to purchase of SuperPro programmer?

Determine which SuperPro programmer or Socket Adapter is required for your device.

Visit - Device Search Tool
Type in your chip's part#, hitSearch


Since "ATMEGA2561V" also includes "ATMEGA2561", Xeltek database showed both of them. At this point, if we know what is the device package type, we should remember the Programmer Model or Socket Adapter. 

Return to www.Xeltek.com and find the product using our search tool.

Results found:

If you're looking for a compatible programmer pls refer to Programmer.

For socket adapter refer to Adapter, you may use the Programmer Filter to select your SuperPro Model.


What if I cannot find a match?

It is hard to believe searching a device part number that is not supported by our largest device support list within the industry; but once in a while it may happen. At those times, first thing you should do is going to Google Search or any search engine to check if the given part number is correct. For example, let's say "EN291V040A" has been given by the customer. And our searched returned as follows:


And we decided to check Google for that device part number's accuracy and we face such a result:


The page above tells you the part number is wrong. In these cases, we suggest you contacting your customer back and ask for the right part number. Going back to our example, we know that the right part number should be " EN29LV040A"; one letter changes everything!

What if Google approves the part number but still no match on the system?

There is also possibility of receiving full part number from a customer such as " ATMEGA2561V-8AU-ND", and again the system will show no matches. For these kind of cases, you should enter more generic part number without speed grade, temperatures, and package codes. And the correct part number for this example "-8AU-ND" should be omitted, and should be searched as "ATMEGA2561V".

If you still can't list the results, it means somehow Xeltek is not supporting the device yet. For this case, please contact TechSupport@Xeltek.com