How to search for a device support prior to purchase of SuperPro programmer?

How to search for a device support prior to purchase of SuperPro programmer?

Every day, we receive bunch of device part numbers followed by the question: "Which programmers support my chip?". In order to help you with these type of inquiries, we would like to give a quick demonstration about how to serve those customers, and what would be the proper way to come up with the results in a quicker way.

Let's say we received the following part number "ATMEGA2561" from a customer. We should simply go to Xeltek device search tool on Xeltek website, or device search tool that is integrated to your websites (more information will be provided about integrating this tool by the end of this article).

You can either search the part number by typing inside the device search icon on Xeltek main template:


Or you can go to advanced device search page and use advanced searching options:


Once you type the device part number, and click on search button; the system will start to scan thousands of devices within Xeltek device support database, and upon your selective approach it will list all the devices that include the part number you filled in the box. If it cannot find the exact match, it may list all the similar part numbers considering you had a typo.


As you can see above, the list resulted 2 part numbers. Since "ATMEGA2561V" also includes "ATMEGA2561", Xeltek database showed both of them. At this point, if we know what is the device package type, we should click on that link that are listed under "Package" column (e.g.: click on MLF64); otherwise, to list the device support with all package types click on the device part number itself (e.g.: ATMEGA2561). Let's click on device part number and see the entire list:


Let's say we are looking for TQFP64 package type, and we are interested in SuperPro 5000 which is on the third row of the results. By clicking the SuperPro 5000 link, we can be directed to the product page for more information (if the user is coming from distributor's website, he/she will be directed back to SuperPro 5000 product page on distributor's website). Or if we already know we are going to buy SuperPro 5000, with the help of this tool we can also see what type of socket adapter we should get. According to the list above, in order to program "ATMEGA2561-TQFP64" on SuperPro 5000, we should also get CX3013 socket adapter. To get more information about socket adapters, please link to CX socket adapter page:

What if I cannot find a match?

It is hard to believe searching a device part number that is not supported by our largest device support list within the industry; but once in a while it may happen. At those times, first thing you should do is going to Google Search or any search engine to check if the given part number is correct. For example, let's say "EN291V040A" has been given by the customer. And our searched returned as follows:


And we decided to check Google for that device part number's accuracy and we face such a result:


The page above tells you the part number is wrong. In these cases, we suggest you contacting your customer back and ask for the right part number. Going back to our example, we know that the right part number should be " EN29LV040A"; one letter changes everything!

What if Google approves the part number but still no match on the system?

There is also possibility of receiving full part number from a customer such as " ATMEGA2561V-8AU-ND", and again the system will show no matches. For these kind of cases, you should enter more generic part number without speed grade, temperatures, and package codes. And the correct part number for this example "-8AU-ND" should be omitted, and should be searched as "ATMEGA2561V".

If you still can't list the results, it means somehow Xeltek is not supporting the device yet. For this case, please submit the form for requesting new device support through the web page below:

Did you know that you can install Device Search Tool on to your website?

Yes it is true. You can install this tool on your website, and serve your customers quickly and easily. It is such an effective tool, that you don't even need to contact the Xeltek representative and wait for their answer, since different time zones may create delays with the answers.

And installing device search tool is as easy as adding a new image to your website. All you need to do is adding this image:

or any Xeltek device search tool image:

to your website where your customers can easily see. Having a descriptive short text below/next to it would be very helpful for your customers. And after you insert it you should link it to the unique URL address that Xeltek web team will assign you such as :

The number at the end of the link will help us to link back to your website since device search tool will be hosted from For this reason, having all product pages present on your website is a requirement for using device search tool. Otherwise, customers who started to use this tool initially from your website, won't be back. Please have all product pages present prior to request device search tool integration. Please also remember that Xeltek web designers will happily insert all SuperPro product pages to your website at no cost.

Please also don't forget that you can install device search tool taskbar to your computer which allows you to search devices without going to any website. For more information, please click on the link below:

If you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact Xeltek support team. We are always here to serve you.