Pre-Sales FAQ: SuperPro IS01

Q.1 : What is the difference between SuperPro IS01 vs other Xeltek Programmers?

A: Please refer here to know differences between these programmers: Comparison

Q.2 : How many ICs does SuperPro IS01 support?

A: SuperPro IS01 currently supports more than 10,000 devices, which is the largest device library in the serial programming industry. SuperPro IS01 supports all common ISP protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN and RS232.

Q.3 : What is Mass Production Mode?

A: Once the programmer detects that the target board is ready and receives an ISP signal, it immediately starts the functional operation defined by AUTO without keyboard operation.

Q.4 : Does SuperPro IS01 have a Standalone Mode?

A: Yes, under stand-alone mode SuperPro IS01 can be operated by an inexperienced operator with minimal training.

Q.5 : How does Command Line Control work?

A: Allow users to control the Superpro IS01 programmer via simple commands using Command Line. This utility is suitable for interfacing Superpro IS01 to any application which executes under Windows.

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Q.6 : Can I use more than one SuperPro IS01 for programming?

A: Yes, its called Multi programming up to 12 programmers can be connected to a single PC for programming multiple PCBs or all the programmers can be used in stand-alone mode.

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Q.7 : Does SuperPro IS01 have warranty?

A: Free two-year warranty on hardware repair services.

Q.8 : Which ISP protocol does SuperPro IS01 support?

A: Supports all common ISP protocol (i.e. I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN, RS232). Contact Xeltek for more details

What's in the box?

SuperPro IS01 comes with

  • ISP Cable
  • Software CD
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card for stand-alone operation
Optional Accessories